Functions & Features

Mobile Boiler Room Management - It's Just a Click Away!

Control Dashboard

View status, temperatures, space average, and DHW temperature for each individual control.

Building Overview

A big-picture view of the status and connectivity of all buildings and controls associated with your account.

Control Settings

Modify control settings inclduding cuttoffs, offsets, ratios, targets and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to re-login every time I use the app?

No, you don't have to! You can click 'Remember Me' on the login page before logging so that Mobile ICMS remembers your login information. Once you login with 'Remember Me' activated, you can skip the login page until you manually sign out!

Does Mobile ICMS provide me with every feature that provides?

Mobile ICMS App include the most important features to control your heating system covered on the desktop site. Users can view their accounts, building, and controls. Users can view basic data points associated with their buildings including connectivity, status, space average, and alarms. Users can also view basic data points assoiciated with each of their individual controls such as status, outdoor temperature, system temperature, space average, DHW temperature, sensor readings, alarms, and settings. Additionally, users have the ability to change some control settings, depending on account privileges.

What happens if I change settings on one of my controls through Mobile ICMS and click Save

Save will perform a refresh after 30 seconds. Setting display will be updated after confirmation of change from control. Therefore, manual refresh may be requered if control change takes longer. After clicking Save, you can leave while the control setting change is pending.

Is Mobile ICMS available for Windows platforms?

A Windows-supported version of the application may be released in the future, but Mobile ICMS as of today does not currently support the Windows ecosystem.

Will app updates be provided for Mobile ICMS?

Yes! Updates will be provided periodically. Updates may contain anything from software bug patches to new features and functions. These updates can be installed via your device's respective app store.

How much does Mobile ICMS cost?

Mobile ICMS is a FREE application designed to conveniently complement the desktop version of ICMS. It is provided at no additional cost to your current contract with BuildingNet LLC. So feel free to follow the links above to your device's app store and download Moible ICMS today!

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